Jack Bondon Makes Promises

As a lifelong Missourian and long-time resident of the 31st district, Jack knows that this close knit community has a set of values that he strives to represent. Integrity is the cornerstone of these values, and Jack derives his personal integrity from his strong faith, the love of his family and his sense of responsibility in making his community, and country, a place where opportunities flourish for the next generations.

Jack makes three promises to the people of the 31st district:

  • He will go to Jefferson City and be a voice for the next generation
  • He will vote against wasteful uses of tax payers’ money
  • He will always be honest and live up to the trust you’ve placed in him

Jack Stands With President Trump

Jack is proud to support the president. He believes that together, we can Keep America Great! He is a proud conservative who believes in the values of limiting the reach of government into personal lives, building fair immigration policies that protect Americans, and helping businesses provide prosperity throughout Missouri.

Missouri Resident

Jack lives in Belton, Mo., where he maintains strong ties with his community. Jack is a graduate of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, and has been a part of running his family’s business. He has served as a state representative since 2015 representing the 56th house district. He is a proud supporter of many of our local business and community organizations.

Education is Important

Jack’s daughter reminds him that we are merely the stewards of this land, and that it is our responsibility to make sure it is prosperous, safe and providing an environment where the generations who it actually belongs to will find opportunity instead of crippling debt and broken structures. He’s running for office because he sees it as his personal responsibility to help fulfill the promises of educational opportunity and clear the roadblocks that could keep our children’s children from achieving their dreams.

Protecting Our Neighbors

Christianity has had a major impact on Jack, leading him to be a voice for vulnerable and marginalized populations in our communities, particularly children, seniors, the truly disabled and veterans. As such, he is a donor to the USO and Wounded Warriors programs, the Life Choice Center, Rockhurst High School as well as St. Thomas More and St. Sabina churches. Jack is also supporter of CASCO Sheltered Workshops.

Never give up

Jack is a man who never gives up when his cause is just. We create change by taking steps in the right direction that lead us down the path to prosperity. He will work to strengthen the values of personal responsibility and champion the freedom of self-determination. Freedom is what makes our country great, and that’s what Jack is going to Jefferson City to protect. He is a proud member of the Belton Chamber of Commerce, the National Rifle Association and the Faith and Freedom Coalition.