Jack believes that communities hold the keys to prosperity. Local decision makers know what’s best for their particular communities, and we need to give these leaders the tools and decision making power to build strong communities for their neighbors. That said, the state still has a key role to play in setting up and maintaining the infrastructure and support systems for communities and residents. State government should focus narrowly on providing these essential services to the best of its ability and reduce the scope of the non-essential, wasteful regulatory frameworks that eat away at the state budget and inflate tax bills of Missourians.

Let’s focus on the issues that really matter.

Strong Schools

Education is the key to the continued prosperity of our country, and it is our duty to make sure that Missouri has strong schools. As Americans, we owe it to ourselves to make sure the next generations are well educated and trained to protect the investments we have made in this great nation. A well educated workforce is happier, more productive and more prepared to enter a globalized marketplace. Jack believes in personal responsibility, and enabling people to make responsible choices for themselves is a function of educating them on what their life choices mean. The love of learning is taught in our schools, and lifelong learners tend to be lifelong leaders.


It’s the state’s responsibility to invest in infrastructure and make sure that goods, services and people are able to reach their destinations. Quality infrastructure attracts entrepreneurs and new businesses to the state, allows tourism to bring outside dollars to Missouri and ultimately helps create more desperately needed jobs.

Eliminate Waste, Reduce the Tax Burden

Wasteful spending on programs that aren’t working, aren’t needed and cost the taxpayers millions to administer need to be eliminated. Every year, a wealth of proposals seeking funding for bad programs run through the halls of the capitol building. The benefits of any spending have to be carefully weighed against the costs.  Programs that aren’t necessary, are overreaches of state or federal power or that are ineptly managed must be eliminated. By eliminating waste, we can responsibly reduce the tax burden on Missourians and refocus the state on providing the essentials that are being overlooked in favor of other discretionary spending.

Protecting the Constitution

The second amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. Jack will fight against those that wish to threaten this right and will not stand for more federal overreaches of power that try to legislate this or any other issue from Washington. Any powers not enumerated to the federal government are reserved by the states, and as a firm believer in the constitution, Jack does not believe the federal government should be legislating issues that are better dealt with on a state or local level.

Protect Life

We must protect all life, from conception until natural death. Jack’s faith taught him that every life is sacred, especially the lives of the most vulnerable. Jack will uphold these beliefs in Jefferson City and will fight for life in all of its forms.


Statehouse Photo Credit: F McGady [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]